Single-Split System Cooling Only
Available in both SEER 14 & SEER 18 efficiencies

Finally, there’s an alternative to bulky window boxes and noisy backyard compressors – the Daikin® Single-Split system. Daikin Cooling Only Split Systems provide comfortable cooling to one room with a wall mounted indoor unit, connected to a quiet outdoor unit. The pleasing design of the units also has functional appeal. The smooth surface of the flat panel can be wiped clean and the flat panel easily removed for more thorough cleaning. Washable filters are provided as standard, as well as a wireless remote controller putting comfort at the touch of a button. Cooling only models are a cost effective solution for residential or light commercial applications desiring cooling only capabilities or where heating is already provided by another system or simply unnecessary.




Some advantages are:

  •     One outdoor unit connects to one wall-mounted indoor unit
  •     Cooling only models are perfect for price sensitive projects where the need for heat is minimal or another source is already provided
  •     Energy efficient:
  •     choose from
  •     Standard Efficiency (SEER14)
  •     or High Efficiency (SEER 18)
  •     SEER 18 cooling only
  •      product line is ENERGY STAR® qualified
  •     Cooling operation
  •     Quick and easy duct-free installation
  •     Precision temperature control for individual rooms
  •     Space-saving design
  •     Quiet operation
  •     Inverter “variable speed” compressor
  •     Fully optimized for R410A refrigerant, recognized as the future industry standard
  •     Offers world-renowned Daikin technician support and customer service
  •     Systems range from 9,000 Btu/h to 24,000 Btu/h

Applicable models:

Indoor units Outdoor units Std. Controller Capacity
Operation range
-Cooling- °F
SEER 14 FTXN09KEVJU RKN09KEVJU ARC452A19 9,000 0 – 115
with optional wind baffle
FTXN12KEVJU RKN12KEVJU ARC452A19 12,000 0 – 115
with optional wind baffle
FTXN15KVJU RKN15KEVJU ARC452A20 15,000 0 – 115
with optional wind baffle
FTXN18KVJU RKN18KEVJU ARC452A20 18,000 0 – 115
with optional wind baffle
FTXN24KVJU RKN24KEVJU ARC452A20 24,000 0 – 115
with optional wind baffle
SEER 18 FTKS09JEVJU RKS09JEVJU ARC452A14 9,000 50 – 115
FTKS12JEVJU RKS09JEVJU ARC452A14 12,000 50 – 115