Packaged Precedent™ Rooftop Systems 3 to 10 tons

This line of packaged units ranges from 3 to 10 tons. This factory assembled product is available in cooling with electric heat. Trane customers have been instrumental in setting the standard for a product that provides exceptional reliability, meets stringent performance requirements and is competitively priced.

The Trane 17 Plus Precedent is a flexible, cost effective way to control temperature and humidity. It’s engineered to deliver several benefits: energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and comfort.

Trane Precedent 17 Plus Press Release

Trane Precedent 17 Plus Presentation



  • Industry leading efficiency at 17.5 SEER
  • Accurate, tested sound data
  • Variable capacity compressor and indoor fan system
  • C02 sensors – improve indoor air quality
  • Tracker™ light commercial system controls – schedule, monitor and control the entire system to ensure optimal operation
  • ARI 210/240 certified
  • UL approved
  • Available in gas/electric or cooling only with electric heat
  • Single zone variable air volume (VAV) option


Precedent…The Perfect Light Commercial Solution

Things like a compact cabinet, variety of motor and drive types, reversible drain pan, and range of gas and electric heat options make Precedent the perfect choice in either new construction or the replacement market.

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  • Compact cabinet is aesthetically pleasing, takes less room in warehouse, lower shipping costs. One piece beveled and ridged top prevents water from pooling, ridges give added strength to top. Smoother design with rounded corners eliminates sheet metal cuts from sharp edges. Recessed access handles reduce shipping damage and eliminates broken handles from improper use. Reduced crating creates less waste to dispose of at site.
  • Two cabinet sizes for 3-5 and two sizes for 6-10 tons with identical footprints so that selected roofcurb fits both.
  • Standard through the base condensate connections allows condensate drain through the curb instead of via a roof penetration. One piece base pan eliminates water leakage.
  • Trane-built scroll compressors so we control the reliability. Patent Pending hybrid 1+1+1 multi-row coil with gaps for easy to clean design – 1 person 30 minutes.
  • Progressive tubular gas heat exchanger with stainless steel burners eliminates need for tubulators, allows for compact cabinet, includes positive pressure gas valve, reliable and proven direct spark ignition. Stainless steel inshot burners for corrosion resistance.
  • Flexible options include convertible airflow;electromechanical or ReliaTel™ microprocessor controls; standard or high efficiency cooling capacities; low, medium or high heat capacities; direct or belt drive – standard or oversized motors choose motor that best meets airflow requirements; 2″ filters (3-10 tons) available;no prepackaged options; choose factory-installed options tailored to suit each job.
  • IAQ double-sloped reversible PVC drain pan can easily be removed for cleaning, ability for drain connections on either side of unit, foil-faced insulation, insulation edges captured or sealed Prevents insulation in air stream.